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A unique form of Martial Art, the study of Judo is a proven combative system of techniques which applies its techniques through efficient movements of action and reaction


Our instructors are of the highest technical level being former national representatives and Nationally Accredited coaches.

Judo Senior Instructors

Ivor Endicott-Davies

Our most Senior Instructor is a Kodokan 7th Dan. Ivor is a multiple times New Zealand National Champion and former New Zealand National Coach with many years coaching. Ivor has an invaluable 5 years experience training and studying Judo in Japan, 3 of which were in the Kansai being the home of Kosen Judo. Technically our most proficient ground game instructor.


Morgan Endicott-Davies

Zenbu Judo is headed up by one of Australia's most technical and dynamic fighters in recent years being our very own Olympian and former national team member Morgan Endicott-Davies. Morgan?s competition results speak for themselves being an Athens Olympian, Oceania Champion, four times Australian champion and various international medalist.


One of Australia's most accomplished grapplers; Morgan has been selected and represented Australia at World Level in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Sambo. Adding to this Morgan is also a South Coast MMA Champion.


Morgan now excels in putting his fighting experience and his technical study of Judo into developing athletes at Zenbu Judo.


Byung Chun Kwon (Jun)

Jun is 3rd Dan Black Belt trained out of the National Sports University in Seoul (Korea). Jun is a former Korean national squad member and Australian national Judo champion. Alongside Judo Jun is also a national Sambo champion, South Coast MMA champion and not to mention 2011 recipient of the MVP from Judo NSW.


Joe Costanzo

A former national team member and representative to the Oceania Championships Joe now is part of the Zenbu coaching team. Joe brings a wealth of experience to Zenbu being a current Senior NSW Judo Squad coach where over the past 5 years he has prepared the NSW team through conditioning and elite squad training for the National Titles.


Ernie Wakamatsu

Ernie is a 5th Dan Black Belt originally from San Jose Buddhist Judo Club. Alongside general Judo Instruction Ernie is a Zenbu Kata Instructor preparing candidates for the Kata component of their Black Belt gradings. Ernie is an Australian National and Oceania Referee. In recent years Ernie has successfully taken Gold Medals in Kata at National and Oceania level.


Ricardo Falkowski

Ricardo began his Judo career in the late 60's in Argentina under a sensei Kumazawa a Kodokan 7th Dan. This has given Ricardo a solid foundation of Japanese Judo in line with the Zenbu way. Ricardo was a member of the state squad in 1971 where he gained a Silver medal. Soon after Ricardo sustained a knee injury ending his competitive career. This did not dampen Ricardo?s enthusiasm for training and study of Judo. Ricardo has been involved with Zenbu Judo since 2008 and now more recently becoming an instructor for the Saturday morning crew.



Junior Judo Instructors

Alex Taylor

A very experienced instructor Alex starting Judo at the age of 8 has been in the game for 34 years and still competes at state, national and international level. Alex also has studied and trained Judo in Japan for at the World Renown Tokai University under Nobuyuki Sato and Yasuhiro Yamashita. Alex is Zenbu Judo clubs Juniors Competition coach. Alex holds a Black Belt in both Judo and Ju-Jitsu and strongly believes the benefits of Judo extend well beyond the technical skills and offers Judoka strong values that help shape their life.


Edmund Yuen

Eddy is a Black Belt specialist junior instructor and one of most technical light weights at Zenbu. Eddy has successfully competed and medalled at state level, Kata competitions and is also an NSW Referee.



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Diego Barreto

Diego Holds a Black Belt in both Brazillian Jiu-jitsu and Judo. Diego is a two times Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Sau Paulo State Champion and Hawaiian Champion. Alongside BJJ, Diego is a multiple time Brazillian Judo Champion and Pan American Judo Champion. Diego is well accomplished at international level across both disciplines. Diego brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and a well rounded view to the Zenbu coaching team.


Kalil Pinto

Kalil staretd BJJ in Sao Paulo Brazil and recxeived his Black Belt in London under Felpe de Souza where Kalil tought BJJ since being a purple belt. Kalil instrcucted in Abu Dhabi as team leader of the Presidential Guard BJJ program before moving to Australia where he also the head BJJ instructor at Australian Top Team.