About Judo

Judo is the Japanese Martial Art of Grappling encompassing throws, takedown, submission techniques such as arm-locks, chokes & strangle holds that may be practiced by all.


A unique form of Martial Art, the study of Judo is a proven combative system of techniques which applies its techniques through efficient movements of action and reaction. In addition Judo develops, self defence, personal fitness, self-discipline plus an involvement in a great international sport, which has been a part of the Olympic Games since 1964.


Zenbu Judo Club

Located just minutes from Olympic Park the Zenbu Judo Dojo is the largest in Sydney offering a state of the art training environment with a sprung floor and fast tatami surface. In addition to the dojo, the complex offers a 24 hour gym. Zenbu Judo offers junior and senior classes to meet your individual training ability, from novice through to advanced and even for those wanting to pursue a competitive career on the state or national team.